The demand for quality education right from the primary level onwards has been increased after implementation of RTE act -2009 throughout the country. 93rd amendment of the constitution has made elementary education compulsory for all children of the age group of  6-14 years. As the size of enrolment has enlarged, so ensuring quality education and retention of every child in school is a challenge to the existing educational functionaries. The Govt. of India and the Govt. of Assam, sharing the expenses mutually (75:25, to NEC 90:10) have given emphasis on putting up quality education as per RTE Act. 2009, with joint   venture of DIET and other educational agencies. To ensure the quality education for every child, quality teachers are also very much essential. As such RTE-2009 wants Professional cadre for the teachers.

Now, the major challenge for the teacher educators is to motivate the teachers towards quality education.

The seven academic branches of DIET, Dibrugarh are very much conscious of its goal for moulding the edifice of quality education right at the grass root level. In addition to this effort a good number of positive and constructive efforts are also being made to ensure timely and resourceful planning, effective teaching and learning process and high level of learner’s achievement.

          It is hoped that the effort of DIET faculty and vision of DIET, Dibrugarh to attain quality education and to much ahead to the brighter future of the quality of education in Dibrugarh District.


From the desk of the Principal, DIET, Dibrugarh, Chabua